BDC - 2016

Whenever I've tried to do any kind of programming, it has inevitably left me a quivering wreck. I am 'SlapDash' in almost everything I do in life, so double checking for unplaced semi colons can be exasperating.

That said, I think it is a valuable area to understand a little about, if only to illustrate  how once we know the fundamentals of programming we can start reshaping and twisting them.

I'd be out of depth in seconds if I attempted to talk about code or anything beyond what IFTTT means, so I play a game I adapted from my days as a failed actor:

I start by informing the group of the simple 'Commands' I will be barking at them as they explore the room. The 'commands' are simple and straightforward - "Left" means turn left, "Right" means turn right, "Stop" means stop and "Go"'re ahead of me, right?

So after a few minutes of bumping into furniture, I alert them that we have now been "Hacked" and that the commands have now been changed - "Left" means right, "Right" means left, "Stop"-go, "Go"- stop etc. We'll play for a while, adding new commands as we go; "Jump" means squat, "Squat means jump".

It can be quite hysterical, and serves as a great icebreaker and destoryer of inhibition. More importantly, it starts driving that right brain activity, as speech receptors have to be interpreted prior to motor skills kicking in - it takes the group off of auto pilot, whilst also introducing the concept of, "Well, I know this thing can do this, but what if I hacked it and made it do that." in a simple and light manner.