Balkan Documentary Center - 2016

This is a much simplified version of a game I'd played at another Bulgarian festival in 2015. The previous iteration exploited the six sides of a dice, and encouraged players to role three times, having allocated a number to a corresponding Subject/Media/Structure

1. Love                          Radio / Podcast                        Linear   

2. Politics                     LARP                                         Episodic

3. Economics               Augmented Reality Game        Branching

4. Nature                     TV/ Film                                     Open World

5. Religion                   TableTop Game                          Fragmented

6. Science                    Web Native                                User Generated

It was complicated and really needed streamlining, but it was a game that I wanted to keep as it helped explore platforms quickly without getting too bogged down in the merits of each media.

Fortunately, whilst working with Hyper Island for the Tempo 48 Hour Hacakthon, we figured on what I think is quite an elegant solution:

Provide each participant with two small stacks of different colored post it notes and allocate 2-5 minutes for them to throw every conceivable platform on one of the pads and every possible subject for a story on the other color.

After the allotted time, have each participant roll their notes into a self sealing cylinder (Think of it as  a rolled cigarette) and place each subject in one bowl and each media in another.

You'll now have two bowls overflowing with multi colored straws. In sweden, we took the bowls to the participants inviting them to lucky dip one note from each bowl and without a second to formulate, pitch an idea based on the provocation of merging the platform and subject ascribed on each note.

In Bulgaria, I invited participants to collect their two notes and pitch at the front of the room - you'll have to read the atmosphere to decide which method is better, but in both cases we rapid fired our way through so many platforms and expunged so many ideas that you could see a million burnt out ideas float away from each participant and give room to freer thinking.

* Additionally, you can use a platform grid to then post each platform note onto as a reference for the participants.